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The Passenger Pulse is the Passenger Watchdog at the Danish Consumer Council. The goal of the organisation is a better public transportation system for the passengers in Denmark.

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Field of work

The Passenger Pulse is the new consumer watchdog in connection with the use of bus, train and metro and runs as a part of the Danish Consumer Council.

Our aim is to represent interest of the passengers in public transport in all areas of Denmark. 


The Passenger Pulse was launched in October, 2014, and is the first of its kind in Denmark to represent all users and interest groups within the area of public transport.

Over the years, The Danish Consumer Council has intensified the work of creating the best conditions for the users of public transport. With the making of the Passenger Pulse, the potential for pressing towards better conditions for the users of public transport has been increased.

The Passenger Pulse intends to gain access to know-how about the passengers’ habits and preferences according to public transportation and push forward that these will be taken into account with the authorities and transport operators.

The Passenger Pulse is founded by the Danish Consumer Council and sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Transport and is independent from the transport operators

What we do

Our aim is to represent the passengers at several levels according to the use of public transportation. Therefore we gather as much information about the passengers needs as possible.

The national passenger-satisfaction survey

We conduct national surveys of passenger satisfaction according to the use of bus, metro and train as a combined trip.

The Passenger panel

The Passenger panel is a web based survey group, with the aim of examining the users of public transport according to their habits and satisfaction with bus, train and metro. We aim to gather a Passenger panel at the size of 10.000 respondents.

Passenger agents

The Passenger Pulse establish a team of 200 volunteer Passenger agents who will be our eyes and ears in the field. They will conduct and document their experiences with public transport all over the country.

Forum of interest group

The Forum of interest group consists of commuters and interest groups will function in cooperation with the Passenger Pulse.  Together, we have the common aim of creating a higher level of satisfaction among the users of public transport.

Our focus points

The Passenger Pulse: 

  • Is in an ongoing dialog and cooperation with the passengers, traffic operators and decision-makers.
  • Safeguard the interests of all passengers including commuters, students, the elderly, disabled etc.
  • Provide evidence-based knowledge about the experience, level of satisfaction, requests, and needs according to the users of public transport.
  • Put all our knowledge at your disposal
  • Will focus at the passengers’ combined trips without regards to the kind of transport being used.
  • Foster a potential for a development in the public transport system from the passengers’ point of view. 
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How we work

The Passenger Pulse will always base statements on behalf of evidence-based documentation from satisfaction surveys and research.  

The Passenger Pulse is:

  • An autonomous unit independent from authorities, traffic operators and interest groups
  • Evidence-based – we only recommend on behalf of evidence and knowledge
  • With the passengers in their struggle for improved rights and conditions